And The World Still Turns

Why, yes, I am posting an end of year/year in review post. Why the heck not? Just because I’ve somewhat fallen off the face of the blogosphere, doesn’t mean I have forgotten about this place!

2012 has been a busy, busy year. There have been some big changes in my professional and personal life, and big changes can often be very time consuming.

As 2012 comes to an end, and the world does not, the dust is starting to settle . . . and hopefully I will once again be finding time for the things I enjoy, such as this blog, that help bring balance to my life. This also, hopefully, means I will start reading some of your blogs again. I miss you guys.

I’m not QUITE ready to be back… but I thought I’d just do a quick hello and look back while I sit here in the airport on my way home, having just had my very relaxing annual holiday retreat. Sadly, the sense of calm, restfulness, and relaxation will probably be gone by this time tomorrow as I dive right back into the chaos that is my life right now (I’m somewhat in the middle of a move), and go back to work in just a couple days (the problem with going away is all the messages that await you when you return).

Perhaps the curious amongst you, who have not been following me closely on twitter, are wondering what HAS 2012 brought me? Well, in a brief nutshell: some amazing new friends, a new relationship, a new home, a new best friend for my dog whose owner travels often (and I dog sit for), a lot of challenging and/or meaningful cases at work, new equipment (that came with training and a very steep learning curve), and all sorts of adventures related to all of those things.

Starting in November I pretty much stopped having free time to speak of, and I barely made it to the holidays with sanity intact . . . so I am heading back to the rock with a lot of ideas, hopes, and plans for regaining a better balance in my life so that the hobbies I enjoy and the things that are important to me aren’t lost in the chaos so easily. Over this past year I was focusing on my health to deal with problems I had with insomnia and I have made great progress on that front, but life gets pretty boring if it’s just working and sleeping . . . even if you love your job and find it super interesting.

So, look out for much more Maggie in 2013.

2012 was pretty good to me. . . so you’ve got some big shoes to fill, 2013!

About dottiemaggie

A veterinarian living and working in St John's, Newfoundland. I love my job, and I love my home. Professionally I am passionate about critical care and client education. Away from work I am passionate about enjoying life, spending time with friends, enjoying hobbies of all sorts, and exploring this wonderful province I call home.
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3 Responses to And The World Still Turns

  1. claude says:

    Hey! My cat (4) just got diagnosed with a heart arrhythmia. He’s over weight. The vet prescribed a pill twice a day. Do you think it is likely that loosing weight will be enough to control the arrhythmia enough so he won’t need medicine? They don’t know what the cause is. We haven’t done an echo. In previous exams, nothing amiss has been heard on his heart.

    • dottiemaggie says:

      What medication was he put on??
      Losing weight certainly won’t hurt, but I’m not sure that it will correct the problem…excess weight can definitely put stress on the heart, but their heart conditions aren’t exactly the same as people’s. The heart condition may be unrelated to weight, but the weight may be making it worse.

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