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3-Legged Animals With a Spare

So I’ve already established that I like to remove bits of animals. If it ain’t workin’ for ‘em, get rid of it! That is often my motto. Today’s animal bit I like to remove? LIMBS. Considering I have two 3-legged … Continue reading

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Fleas, fleas everywhere, and not a drop to drink.

Fleas are definitely a big deal for any small animal practice in an area where there are fleas. And there are definitely fleas in Newfoundland. St John’s is chuckabuck full of fleas, not gonna lie. I’m sure fleas are a … Continue reading

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Naming your cat after an evil genius does not a genius make.

Before I moved to Guelph I had two cats: Fluff and Charlie. After I got Tristan, Fluff and Charlie came to Guelph with me as well. Fluff was already a curmudgeon, but Charlie and Tristan got along best kind. When … Continue reading

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