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The Ceremony To End All Ceremonies

So the way things go in final year of vet school, for some of us, you get a job before you even know if you can get a licence to practice veterinary medicine.  For myself the timeline was something like … Continue reading

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You never know how many tomorrows you’re going to get.

I have a post about my littlest cat all written and ready to go, but something happened this weekend that has taken precendence. A shining light in the veterinary community has gone out. Dr. Roberto Poma has died, suddenly and … Continue reading

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I’ve forgotten more than you’ve ever known

In school, they teach you the gold standard approach to pretty much everything. They expect perfection and set standards of care/sterility/diagnostics ridiculously high. They do this because they know that once you’re unleashed into the real world your skills will … Continue reading

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