I’m a veterinarian living in St John’s, Newfoundland. This is a deadly combination for adventure of all sorts.

This blog is about two things that matter a lot to me: veterinary medicine, and my life in Newfoundland. Since graduating from veterinary college in 2009 I have had unimaginable adventures both in work and in life, and to try to focus on one would be impossible. Being a veterinarian in Newfoundland brings with it certain challenges and certain adventures that I want to share. I am passionate about my career, but I am also passionate about the fun I have had living on The Rock.

I hope to provide information for people curious about veterinary medicine, and curious about Newfoundland. I’m also a very random sort of person, so sometimes it might be less informative and more pure silliness. However, silliness is pretty much required if you’re going to survive a high stress job in a sometimes rather isolated and unpredictable island.

If you’re squeamish, some of the medical posts might be a bit much for you… I’ll likely never have any gross pictures, but I will certainly have plenty of gross descriptions! If you’ve never been to Newfoundland, some of the Newfoundland posts will hopefully inspire you to come visit. We always love to have visitors!

Trust me, I’m a doctor. . .