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The Saddest Goodbye

There’s actually quite a few reasons why my online presence has been somewhat lacking the last few months. There’s been the usual stuff: work and life keeping me busy and exhausted and leaving me with very little free time. However, … Continue reading

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If I had four dollars for every time someone asked. . .why is my old cat so loud?

There are a lot of things I am asked on a fairly regular basis. Some questions are especially common in and away from work – people call and ask at the clinic, and people who find out I’m a vet … Continue reading

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Fleas, fleas everywhere, and not a drop to drink.

Fleas are definitely a big deal for any small animal practice in an area where there are fleas. And there are definitely fleas in Newfoundland. St John’s is chuckabuck full of fleas, not gonna lie. I’m sure fleas are a … Continue reading

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