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Wee vet tale 2

Holidays are really kicking into gear, so I thought it was time for something short, sweet, and funny. . . I make a lot of phone calls. I’m not hugely comfortable with the phone, never have been. . . so … Continue reading

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Every vet, at some point, takes in an animal natural selection tried to throw out.

I moved to Newfoundland with 3 cats and a dog. I have always said 3 was my magic number, I had no intention of taking in any more cats. And I definitely didn’t need another dog. I wasn’t at work … Continue reading

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You never know how many tomorrows you’re going to get.

I have a post about my littlest cat all written and ready to go, but something happened this weekend that has taken precendence. A shining light in the veterinary community has gone out. Dr. Roberto Poma has died, suddenly and … Continue reading

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