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Let’s Hear It For The Food!

So, confession time: I love food. A lot. Maybe it hasn’t been obvious yet, perhaps it hasn’t yet pervaded this blog. Trust me, that will change. This is only the beginning. I had some great food my first weekend in … Continue reading

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Giant. Kidney. Worm.

I tried to think of a more clever title, but I really can’t. I mean, what is better than straight up GIANT. KIDNEY. WORMS.?! Otherwise known as Dioctophyme renale. Or D. Renale. Or, y’know, just stick with GIANT. KIDNEY. WORMS. … Continue reading

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Iceberg, Right Ahead!

Moving here for work, and making friends with people who have lived here all their lives, I didn’t do a lot of touristy things right off. However, I love touristy things. I’m a sucker for museums. And tours. And seeing … Continue reading

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