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It’s In Fido To Give

Last week, I had an appointment to give blood. While I was having breakfast I got a call from work: would Ollie be able to give blood today? So my dog and I both gave blood that morning, and while … Continue reading

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Check this out!

So, I’ve been super busy lately with work and some events around town and some stuff with friends. . . so I’m a bit behind in, uh, EVERYTHING. Including writing blog posts. Oops. SO! I’m so tired my bone marrow … Continue reading

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Giant. Kidney. Worm.

I tried to think of a more clever title, but I really can’t. I mean, what is better than straight up GIANT. KIDNEY. WORMS.?! Otherwise known as Dioctophyme renale. Or D. Renale. Or, y’know, just stick with GIANT. KIDNEY. WORMS. … Continue reading

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