Vet Links

Here are some websites I find useful, informative, or just plain enjoyable. If your searching the web for pet advice, these are some good places to start.

ASPCA Pet Care – Great online resource for pet owners, tonnes of useful information.

VCA Pet Health Information – If you’re going to look up medical information online, be sure you are getting it from a trusted source. You can trust this one.

American Association of Feline Practitioners (AAFP) – If you are a cat person, this is a must check out website. Resources for cat owners, also a good way to find a cat friendly vet if you’re on the look out for a new vet.

Also, if you’re a cat person, you should also check out Winn Feline Foundation – just trust me. Check them out.

Dr. Sophia Yin – This is a wonderful resource for pet behaviour issues, and low stress handling. Sadly, the veterinary community lost a true gem in Dr. Yin in 2014. However, the amazing work she has done carries on with all the wonderful information she has made available through her website.

Ohio State University’s Indoor Pet Initiative – Lots of useful resources for providing the best quality of life for our indoor pets.

Cornell University’s Partners in Animal Health – some nice resources for pet owners, especially if you have a cat you need to give a pill to! Very detailed instructional video to be found here.

Pets & Parasites – Do you have a pet? Then you should probably educate yourself on the parasites they may be at risk for. Seriously. It’s gross, but it’s important. There’s more out there than just fleas!

House Rabbit Society – Do you have a pet rabbit? This is a must check out resource.

Worms & Germs Blog – this is a great blog, that I mention in this post. Very informative, and interesting if you’re into these kinds of thing. Also has some great resources.

Do you like to learn with a fun visual? Cone of Shame is a series done by Dr. Andy Roark , who is quite funny and very informative. I definitely hugely recommend that you check him out!

Diary of a Real-Life Veterinarian – exactly as the title suggests, this is a blog by a veterinarian. Lots of very informative posts about a wide range of topics.

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