Food and the Origins of a Good Luck Charm

I love food. I realize this may seem like a ridiculous statement to make, but really there’s no better way to say it: I love food. All of the food. (Okay, not ALL of the food. I actually don’t like sushi very much, or coffee and things that taste like coffee.)

This past weekend was Thanksgiving weekend in Canada, and it’s my favourite holiday. Why? Because it’s all about the food. Christmas has great food, but it gets a bit watered down with religion and Santa and all that jazz. But not Thanksgiving. Thanksgiving is all about the food. And, well, being thankful. (in Canada, it’s not about the pilgrims or any of that mumbo jumbo. It’s just All. About. The. Food.) I’m pretty thankful for food, I must say.

This love of food, and traditions that are focused on food, ties into a Newfoundland tradition I experienced for the first time back in July of 2009: Jiggs Dinner.

Look at all that food! Smothered in gravy! OM NOM NOM!

I had heard about this Jiggs dinner dealio a few times, and since it clearly was something you eat, I was all about giving it a try.

So, in July, in honour of a friend of ours heading out on tour, the Pants Family had a Jiggs Dinner to send him on his way. It is essentially a turkey dinner, involving salt meat. There’s turkey, potatoes, gravy, and a few other things, but really – potatoes and turkey and gravy is all I need to be happy.

It was delicious. I have had it several times since.

If you come to Newfoundland, you should probably partake in some Jiggs Dinner. There are several places you can go to get one, especially on Sundays. Gimme a shout, I’ll hook you up. I can’t make it – well, I probably could if I put my mind to it, but when I make turkey dinner I make the one of my own childhood – but I have tried it at a few different places.

This, my first Jiggs Dinner, was also a special time because in honour of our friend, who’s Pants Name was “Thunder Pants”, we got a cake. A cake festooned with the Pants Family mascot: Absorbant Robert Quadrilateral Pants.

This cake was purchased at a 24 hour bakery, at about 3am. The cake decorator was a little concerned by the “Thunder Pants” request. . .

The idea was this: Thunder Pants would take one of the plastic figurines with him on tour, and take pictures of Bob having adventures on the road. The rest of us would take one as well, and also take pictures of Bob having adventures. And we’d have a whole bunch of ridiculous pictures of Mr. Pants doing ridiculous things.

Let it be known, I was the only one who really followed through with this. Mr. Pants came to work with me, helped me bake, went out drinking. . . He will maybe one day get his own little post about his little adventures.

Such a cheery little guy! All ready for adventures!

My Bob has lost his nose and his legs, but more than 2 years later he can still be found in my purse at all times. If I change purses, he is one of the key items that gets transferred every time. The Pants Family has scattered to the wind a bit, and I may not see many of the people I shared that first Jiggs Dinner with very much anymore . . . but that little plastic Sponge Bob is with me all the time. He’s a bit of a good luck charm, I suppose. I feel a bit lost without him. I actually was never a big Sponge Bob fan, but that little bit o’ plastic has a tremendous amount of sentimental value for me.

I’m a bit of a sentimental nut, turns out. You can pretend to be surprised.

About dottiemaggie

A veterinarian living and working in St John's, Newfoundland. I love my job, and I love my home. Professionally I am passionate about critical care and client education. Away from work I am passionate about enjoying life, spending time with friends, enjoying hobbies of all sorts, and exploring this wonderful province I call home.
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10 Responses to Food and the Origins of a Good Luck Charm

  1. omawarisan says:

    Don’t give up on Bob! Whenever you or a friend heads out of town have a Jiggs dinner and send Bob on their journey.

    • dottiemaggie says:

      Haha, that would be an excellent idea. . . if i didn’t already know that all those friends failed with their Bob assignments already! 😉
      I haven’t completely given up on him. I did take at least one Bob photo on my most recent trip to PEI!

  2. Kate says:

    Not surprised! Oh excuse me, I was just licking my computer screen because that looks so YUMMY!!! Do you know why Thanksgiving is celebrated at a different time in Canada and the US?

    The cake is so funny!

    • dottiemaggie says:

      I’ve looked it up before. Something to do with the WHY behind Thanksgiving. Ye are all about the pilgrims or some such silliness. We’re all about the harvest. Much of Canada historically has snow before November… so harvest feast makes more sense earlier in the fall.

  3. Kate says:

    Oh…and I’m a big fan of food (the reason why I weigh 1203928 pounds). How are you a fan and still skinnier than a bean pole? That’s what I want to know!

    • dottiemaggie says:

      well, I work on my feet? I think that probably helps. And living in a ridiculously hilly city. And I actually forget to eat a lot, despite my love of food. . .
      We can also blame genetics. I actually don’t see the bean pole situation, because my mum and brother are frickin tooth picks. I have curves and by comparison feel very unbeanpoleish.

  4. linlah says:

    I have a Sponge Bob of sorts that goes with me everywhere. And I’m totally and completely suprised about your sentimental side…not.

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