Trying to get from point A to C, but we called it a day at B

I’ve already mentioned the East Coast Trail. Now we’ll explore it some more! On July 11, 2009 a bunch of us decided to hike from Fort Amherst to Cape Spear. This is a long, long hike. And we had to first walk to Fort Amherst, which took some time. And we were out drinking the night before, so we didn’t get started as soon as we would’ve liked. . . so the sun was quite on her way down once we hit Blackhead. So, ended up being a Fort Amherst to Blackhead hike, and we had someone come and pick us up there. Still, a great day of hiking along the beautiful East Coast Trail. And here are some of the 363 photos I took. . .

This was my first time walking to the other side of the St John’s harbour, and being able to appreciate the view of the Battery from across the way.

Fort Amherst! With its lil’ lighthouse, and the remains of gun emplacements built during World War II. Fort Amherst is where the first lighthouse was built in Newfoundland.

View of Signal Hill from across the harbour, as we reach the opposite hill top.

Our original goal is that point way out at the end, Cape Spear! Bit ambitious, given our situation. . . but aim for the stars, and you’ll end up on top of the world.

Along the way we came across this ‘bridge’ of rocks . . . and it was explained to me, about the water on one side versus the other, and I forgot all about it the next day pretty sure. Something about fresh water versus salt water. But it was pretty. And covered in rusty scraps of metal. I liked it.

here were lots of pretty flowers to be found along the trail. Lots of pretty PURPLE flowers. Loves.

So we took a break out on this point, and a booze cruise goes by. It was a bachelor party, apparently. Basically, it was a boat full of drunken men. And they call up to us, 3 guys and 2 girls sitting on a rock “Throw down your women and we’ll toss up some beer!” We laughed, but it was a warm day and a long hike . . . pretty sure the boys seriously considered giving us a push into the water.

Once the sun started setting, it was setting fairly steadily . . . we were PAINFULLY close to Cape Spear, but not so interested in hiking in the dark, so we decided to make this our final rest before going into Blackhead to call our ride to come get us. I touched ocean, so it was a good day for me.10.6 km! Not bad! When we got back to town, we went to The Keg and ate large steaks. And then slept like babies. Good day.

I’m a bit obsessive when taking photos while hiking. I do not claim to be a photographer of any sort of skill level, I just like to take pictures of pretty things so I can look at them again later. If you’d like to look as well, the whole lot from that hike can be found here.


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