We Like to Party

It can certainly be said in many places around the world: “Any excuse for a party!” This can most certainly be said in Newfoundland. You don’t have to know many people to know about something being on the go every weekend. And if you need a little help from your friends to get things done? Typically you go beyond just beer & pizza. You throw a party.

My first June out here, I experienced my first “Shed Moving Party”. A couple of friends needed to move their shed several feet, so they threw a party.

Getting that vehicle in and out of the yard was not easy. Attaching it to the shed was not easy. Getting it to pull the shed was not easy. But it was all hilarious.

It was a lovely sunny Sunday, and a huge shed, and things got a little creative and a little sketchy.

The boys thought they were pretty creative with their wheel idea, and planks of wood so they wouldn’t sink. . . But the shed was maybe a bit heavy for just 2 little wheels. . .

In the end, the shed was successfully relocated. I swear I didn’t just take pictures, I also added my body weight to the levering at one point.

At this point the shed had been moved several feet, and only needed to go a wee bit further. The idea was to lift her up and wedge wood and such underneath so we weren’t dragging her in the dirt. It took awhile, but it got the job done! Sheds are heavy. . .

Our hard work was rewarded with delicious drinks (grape martinis that tasted like grape popsicles… SO DELICIOUS. One shot vodka, one shot grape sour puss, top off with white grape juice), and BBQ (including my first try of moose sausage… mmm mmm good!).

It was a hilarious day. Truth be told, the boys did most of the work while the girls supervised (sometimes with our eyes closed because we thought someone was going to die. . . ). But we all did our share of drinking and eating!

I never knew sheds were such a reason to celebrate before I moved here. “Shed party” is a thing, trust me. “Pimp my Shed” is a thing, even. I’ve never been invited to another shed moving party, but I’ve been invited to a shed building party. Newfoundlanders like their sheds!

Of course, my friends and I don’t actually need a reason to celebrate on the weekends. But it doesn’t hurt!


About dottiemaggie

A veterinarian living and working in St John's, Newfoundland. I love my job, and I love my home. Professionally I am passionate about critical care and client education. Away from work I am passionate about enjoying life, spending time with friends, enjoying hobbies of all sorts, and exploring this wonderful province I call home.
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8 Responses to We Like to Party

  1. JaniceP says:

    Sounds like fun! Around here, it’s fence building parties. Or – lets rebuild those three panels of fence because my idiot neighbour missed his garage again parties. Either way, they always result in beer and pizza.

  2. Candice says:

    Oh wow, like a for reals shed MOVING party. I think you were having a moving party for someone, in a shed. That makes more sense to me, but any excuse is a good one!

  3. Kate says:

    I would love partying for moving a shed. That looks like too much fun! And yummy, yummy drinks!!

  4. linlah says:

    I’d like to have a mow my lawn party every week, who’s up for that? Someone would mow it while I watched and then we could have some beers and bbq.

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