Family Games Nights, Not Just For Children!

I love playing board games. Really. You can go ahead and judge me for that (I know at least one person who reads this blog thinks games nights are lame. . . 😛 ). So when I moved to Newfoundland and made new friends here I was pretty pumped to find out they partook in Pants Family Games Nights.

Our usual game of choice? Cranium.

Ollie loves games nights as well, because there’s ever so many people to give him love ‘n’ snuggles!

And we get pretty ridiculous when we play it. Some of my most hilarious Pants Family Memories involve Cranium. Which is a game I actually never played until I moved here. We also play Scene It! From time to time, but Cranium is the go to game. I can’t even tell you how pumped I was to have a group of friends who love to play games!  I could occasionally get a game of Trivial Pursuit on the go back in Guelph (Trivial Pursuit is my favourite, I have three versions. . .), but that was a special occasion kind of event. Maybe once a year I’d be involved in a game of Risk. Now if there’s four or more of us in one place, it’s almost guaranteed a game of Cranium will happen!

I’ve actually been finding more and more people who enjoy staying in and having fun playing games – maybe it’s the often crummy weather in Newfoundland that inspires us to stay inside? I’ve been introduced to a few games I had never tried, or never even heard of, before I moved here: Killer Bunnies (which will probably get its own blog post..), Settlers of Catan, Apples to Apples, Partini, some weird futuristic Risk . . . and a few new card games as well. (Okay, most of the card games have been drinking games. . . but not all, I swear!!)

I still don’t get to play Trivial Pursuit very often, and I don’t see that changing anytime soon. . . One of the versions I have is almost as old as I am, so no one really knows a lot of the answer. Another version I have is the 80s one, and somehow I’ve managed to mostly have friends who are too young for that. I do have the Disney Trivial Pursuit, I think that is my best bet for people knowing the answers. I think I might start adding some none TP games to my collection though. . .

Something about playing board games just makes me happy. . . not just because of the side splitting laughter that tends to be involved when I play with my friends, but I think also because I have so many great childhood memories of playing games with my brother. We used to play a lot of Monopoly, and a lot of card games. Also the occasional Battleship, checkers, chess, Snakes and Ladders . . . all the classics! Video games weren’t a rainy day option for us for a lot of our childhood (we spent a good deal of time at a cottage with no electricity, besides not actually owning much in the way of video games), and I think it’s better than way. There’s a certain kind of social interaction you just can’t quite achieve with video games. . . though as we got older, my brother and I were more likely to play video games together than anything else, we’d still play a card game every now and again. Recently I’ve introduced my brother to one of the games I heard about after I moved away (Killer Bunnies), and he LOVES it. So now whenever we do get to see each other, we try to fit in a game.

I can remember a lot of random games from my childhood. . . Ants in my Pants, this ice block game with a guy on a chair and you knock out blocks and try not to let him fall, Jenga, Candyland, this Safety First teach-kids-a-lesson-about-saftey-while-they play game. . . Connect Four, Guess Who, this sticks and marbles game. . . I could probably go on and on and on if I tried!

How about you guys? Any favourite games from your childhood I’ve missed? Anyone play boardgames now, got any favourites? Have I become inforgivably lame in anyone’s eyes? Anyone want to come visit and play some Trivial Pursuit?

Drawn with eyes closed. . . can you guess what it is???


About dottiemaggie

A veterinarian living and working in St John's, Newfoundland. I love my job, and I love my home. Professionally I am passionate about critical care and client education. Away from work I am passionate about enjoying life, spending time with friends, enjoying hobbies of all sorts, and exploring this wonderful province I call home.
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16 Responses to Family Games Nights, Not Just For Children!

  1. JaniceP says:

    I love games too! Scrabble is a favorite for me. I also like Balderdash (although it’s been a while) and Farkle. I’ve recently got the nephews hooked on Farkle, which totally makes my day.

  2. i would be all up in your game night. i fricken love games.

    although i could care less if i win or lose… so, not really sure what i get out of it.

    • dottiemaggie says:

      haha, yeah, it’s not so much about the win or lose… i just enjoy the laughs. i don’t even really care if we finish the game.

      …. which totally reminded me of this game we used to play when I was young; ‘win, lose or draw’… bahaha.

  3. Board games were huge entertainment when we got together with aunts, uncles and cousins. Trivial Pursuit was a huge favourite. My mother answered Hank Aaron for every sports question no matter what it was, until one day it was actually the right answer! We also played a game where you played in teams and you had to sing songs – can’t remember the name, Taboo was a big favourite and Pictionary, once we all agreed to guess wrong no matter what one of my aunts drew (we all knew the right answer) it drove her crazy! The Christmas Eve tradition was Tombola – a type of Italian bingo. Now I live far away from my family and I have started Friday night game nights with my husband and son and some friends – and we all love it.

  4. linlah says:

    I’d play your old version of Trivial Persuit I might know some of those answers. We get together with friends every now and than and play Yahtzee, does that count.

  5. Audubon Ron says:

    Make that two readers who think board games are lame. Sorry.

  6. Kate says:

    I LOVE games. Growing up we had electricity (wow–I want to hear that story by the way) but no TV or video games. I could often beg someone into playing games with me at least once a week, but no one else really liked it as much as I did. Still one of my favorite things to do! You lose me on the TP though…maybe I’m just not smart enough. I would totally do TP for dummies. Maybe I’ll make that game!

    We spent most of our time growing up reading. I was such a huge nerd that I would set my alarm clock early so I could read before I went to bed. Now maybe that explains why I am the way I am!! Yes, I’m that lame!

    I love pictionary, balderdash (you would love this one, I’m sure–look on amazon for it, it’s probably not very common), Uno, Phase 10, Rummy 500, hearts, Apples to Applies, with a lot of friends catch phrase is going to be a great time. We have a wet bar in our basement…I don’t know why we thought it was such a great idea to buy a house with a wet bar since I wanted to get pregnant immediately, if not sooner. We lived in this house for 2 months before I got myself knocked up and now it seems like the dumbest waste of space for our particular family. Hopefully, it will be a selling point when the market bounces back and it’s not a sink hole where all our money will disappear (as if we have any money…HA).

    So the entire wet bar is filled with our games…I can’t remember all of them. If we ever get together (and I hope to someday) we will definitely have to make it GAME NIGHT!!

    Look for balderdash though…seriously the most fun you’ll have without being drunk!

    • dottiemaggie says:

      we had electricity at home, just not at our cottage, where we spent a lot of our childhood…

      I was a HUGE reader as a child – Always read before bed, and often got yelled at to turn off my light.. “just want to finish this chapter!” 🙂

      I *love* balderdash!! Forgot that one, but definitely have some hilarious balderdash memories now that I think of it 🙂

      Bahaha, I should definitely come visit that wet bar! ;D

  7. Shauna says:

    Maggie – how did I not meet you soon enough before you left Guelph – I would have played TP with you any day! I also have multiple versions – including the 90s version, millennium edition, etc. Also managed to accumulate a nice selection of other board games but like you find it very hard to find people to play with.
    Alas – my Muppet 3-D chess set sits unused, my cranium moulding clay sits un-moulded and my scattegories remains in the box – but hopefully some day soon they will get put to use.
    In the meantime – whenever I manage to get out there – TP it is!!!!!

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