The Ceremony To End All Ceremonies

So the way things go in final year of vet school, for some of us, you get a job before you even know if you can get a licence to practice veterinary medicine.  For myself the timeline was something like this:

October/November – apply for a job

December – write North American Veterinary Licensing Exam (NAVLE)

February – have job interview, get job

Later in February, or maybe early March – find out I passed NAVLE , which is all I needed to get a licence in Newfoundland.

Late April – find out I passed my finals for 4th year vet school, and have therefore completely my DVM.

May – start working in Newfoundland

June – fly back to Ontario to actually officially graduate from the DVM program.

By the time I convocated, I had already done my first solo orthopaedic surgery. I’m that much of a rockstar ;D (stay tuned for that story. . .)

I’ve been to a lot of convocations. . . I ‘graduated’ from daycare, graduated from elementary school, graduated from high school. . . and I remember at least parts of all those ceremonies. I got all emotional, have lots of memories of good friends, etc. Etc.

When I finished my BSc I went to convocation for that as well. . . and I have some memories. . . but most of my friends weren’t in my program/college, so weren’t at my ceremony, and there were HUNDREDS of students in the ceremony, so it wasn’t really the same. Not so emotional, not so memorable.

Convocation from OVC? Fancy schmancy like my BSc convocation, but intimate and full of friends like my pre-university ceremonies. Best of both worlds!

It was a full day affair – there was the regular ceremony where we got our diplomas. Louise Arbour gave a really great address. It was all very exciting and grown up and final. I had actually done it! I completed my DVM!

And if you’re bored out of your skull, you can even watch the whole thing. Part 1 is about 47 minutes, and you can spot  me at about 5:21 if you know who you’re looking for, Louise Arbour’s speech is towards the end. Part 2 is just under 56 minutes, and we get our degrees.

Us DVM students also had an awards ceremony, where all the awards for awesomeness were given out (I didn’t get one. I am comfortable on the bottom of the smart pile.), we all said the Veterinarian’s Oath, and made things EXTRA official. Amazingly, you could watch this as well if you still had oodles of time to kill. Part 1 is a delightful 47 minutes, and Part 2 is 56 minutes. I honestly don’t expect any of you to watch these. . . but now if I feel  like revisiting all those motivating speeches, I’ve got the links all in one place! Huzzah! A bunch of veterinary medicine organizations had representatives at this ceremony, telling us things about the real world. Some of us were already elbow deep in the real world before now, but what odds.

After all this, we also had a bit of a social over at the Ramada, with a slide show made by yours truly. Chance to mingle and catch up with our classmates – people you spent a lot of time with over the past 4 years, and are now scattered, or about to be scattered, all over the globe. I actually didn’t stay long at that, because there was also a special supper happening to honour Jean and Colwyn Rich, who were the founders behind a scholarship I received. They received a special recognition at our awards ceremony, and scholarship recipients from across the years gathered for this supper.  The scholarship I got through the Rich Foundation was a bit of a life saver (even with it I had 5 part time jobs at one point to make ends meet), so I was very happy to be able to be there for their special night. I even made a speech, on behalf of all the students who had been touched by them, and I’m not a big speech maker. This event was not recorded, so no video here. Sorry. I know you’re disappointed.

And that, my friends, is when I became 100% doctor. Almost 2 years ago now. Yikes!

Me and my diploma! Glee!

About dottiemaggie

A veterinarian living and working in St John's, Newfoundland. I love my job, and I love my home. Professionally I am passionate about critical care and client education. Away from work I am passionate about enjoying life, spending time with friends, enjoying hobbies of all sorts, and exploring this wonderful province I call home.
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10 Responses to The Ceremony To End All Ceremonies

  1. Audubon Ron says:

    Cool. I’d trust my pets with you.

  2. omawarisan says:

    Congrats Doctor. I know there are a lot of people and their pets who are fortunate you’re there.

  3. linlah says:

    I don’t think someone who holds five part time jobs and a scholarship is anywhere near the bottom of any pile.

    Red would be happy to have you as his DVM and I would too.

    • dottiemaggie says:

      haha, I definitely have learned that there is a lot more to being a good vet than getting good grades, no worries ;D

      y’know, I don’t actually have any patient’s named Red. So there’s an opening! ;D

  4. oh wow! congrats to you my dear. what an accomplishment, something i NEVER could have stuck with. hah.

    but i did want to comment on your tweet about down with love… fricken love that movie! especially at the end when she’s explaining how she knew she had to write a bestselling book that would get international attention.. blah blah. so funny

    • dottiemaggie says:

      haha, looking back, I’m not sure how I survived 8 years of university!! There was more than once I thought about giving up. . . but then I couldn’t think of what else I’d do instead, so why not stick it out. ;D

      haha, not enough people love down with love!! adore that movie. so ridiculous.

  5. Kate says:

    I have a couple things to say…most of which have nothing to do with what you wrote about…so we’ll start with…

    First…very interesting, I never knew that.

    Second…I went through graduation for my high school and was all proud and emotional…which now I think is sort of silly because honestly I think EVERYONE should graduate from high school…that should be the rule. I didn’t go to the ceremonies when I earned my AA or BS because there were a lot of people that I didn’t know and I thought a waste of a day. I DID however, happily accept presents! For my MS we had to present our thesis projects and then we had a ceremony where we were hooded and we got to choose a person to hood us. I chose my mom and sister even though I was married to Josh and most people asked either their significant other or spouse…but for me I asked the people who really got me to that place and it was so special that I could have both of those people who had supported me through 19 years of education. There were only 16 of us graduating and we got to introduce every person who came as our guests, so that was by far my most proud moment. Although, moments before the ceremony I realized I had left my little hanging thing from my hat at home and Josh ran home and got it because I really wanted it. He just made it back and then it was perfect!

    So third…I’m a little worried about myself because recently the thing I have most enjoyed about writing my blog is reading your comments! They are so well thought out and interesting and fun to read…I’m a little worried they’re more entertaining than my original posts and when you don’t come around for awhile I really miss them. No pressure at all…but I just wanted you to know I loved them and appreciated them!!

  6. dottiemaggie says:

    that is possibly one of the nicest things anyone has ever said to me! 🙂
    I do very much enjoy your blog, often really makes me think 🙂 I’m glad you think they’re thought out.. because I actually am pretty sure I don’t do enough thinking before I write ;D I’m always so far behind in commenting, I’m sure no one else reads my comments but you 😉
    (and no pressure felt. . . except from myself, because I get tired of work taking over my life 😦 )

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